Monday, June 4, 2007

What Are The Characteristics Of Depression

Faye B. Roberts

Depression is a ailment that affects one in six people making it the most commonly diagnosed mental health problem. It affects your disposition,way of thinking,conduct,floods your mind with negative emotions and even your physical health. Some of the characteristics of depression include a depressed mood, low self respect, disturbed sleep patterns,restless sleep and/or a disturbed appetite, loss of libido, fatigue and loss of interest or motivation and impatience. Anxiety and panic attacks are also characteristics of depression. This is by no means a comprehensive list and you should contact your medical provider for a the right diagnosis.

Years ago, it was thought that depression was "all in your head" and that you could change it or "snap out of it if you tried. With the many advancements in medicine it is now known that this is not the case and should not be treated by yourself. Many folks unfortunately still do not recognize this as a real illness and therefore do not seek medical attention.

Studies suggest that this despondency may be caused by an imbalance of two naturally occurring chemicals, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain and the body. In the brain, these two chemicals are thought to be associated with mood; therefore their relationship with depression. It is thought that when a person undergoes a stressful situation, the resulting characteristics of depression that materialize may well be determined by the amount of serotonin and norepinepherine in the brain. The more these chemicals are present in the brain, reduces how depressed that %person% will become, and vice versa. One form of treatment based on these assumptions is an attempt to alter the chemical imbalance in the brain.

This is done with medication to increase the serotonin and norepineepherine in the brain. These are commonly known as mood-stabilizing drugs or antidepressants. With your physician's approval, you may also want to consider self-treatment to find relief from the characteristics of depression. These include meditation, relaxation technique, goal setting and exercise. Psychotherapy has also proven very %beneficial% for some forms of melancholy. Although there are many natural alternative treatments in the marketplace it is hugely recommended that these be approached with caution and only after discussing them with your doctor.

People of all ages and races experience depression. It knows no racial, gender or ethnic boundaries. Treatments also vary from region to region and even from country to country however, the first step is to have it properly diagnosed. Then the doctor, working with the patient, can plan a treatment technique that is best suited for him or her. With the right treatment the symptoms of ennui can be taken away or even ended. With so many treatments available, there is no need for folks to live with any of the characteristics of depression.

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